We should not forget that the world we live in is getting more centralized, modern, technical and more fragile to hidden risks. Because of our desire to always be more efficient, convenient and smooth, we aggravate the organic nature of our environment and increase our vulnerability to hidden risks. Some of the most common hidden risks today include drug use, drug trafficking, identity theft, and contraband distribution. Fortunately, we have some ways to assuage the situation, increase our defenses and make the environments we live in significantly safer. One of the most effective ways we can do it with the help of CCTV Security Cameras and IP Security Cameras. But how are they different from each other?

HD Analog & IP Cameras

The agenda of this article is to educate, enlighten or inform on what components you should consider before deciding on whether to get an IP system or a CCTV cameras set-up for your business. For starters, we should say here that CCTV cameras came earlier than the IP ones, and so more people have used the standard CCTV cameras in offices and other buildings compared to those who have implemented the IP system.

There are also different assortments you can get from these two types. You can opt for a Dome Camera style, Box Camera, Bullet Camera and PTZ Camera. There are also more robust styles such as the License Plate Capture Cameras and Explosion proof that most people opt to use to get more robust security.

In addition, we should say that the two types are the only types you can pick when deciding to get a professional security camera for your establishment. Both of these systems use high-grade standard CCD and CMOS imaging that not only capture the best kind of images but also can zoom in on them for better focus when undergoing an investigation.

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